Big Changes for 2017- Nursery sold

We have been operating the two sides of Bush Nuts Native Nursery (Native Nursery/ Natural Area Bushland Restorations) out of our property for 22 years. The nursery in particular is a 7-day per week commitment and with our set up it has been completely entangled in our daily lives.

We decided recently it was time to lighten our work load, and despite very mixed feelings, felt it was time to sell  the nursery side of our business. We are very pleased that Steve Ward of Barbs Trees is buying the nursery side of our business (without the name) effective Jan 16th 2017.

We will continue to own and operate the Natural Areas Restorations business under the banners of Bushnuts and Bush Nuts Native Nursery.

We are delighted with this outcome as Steve is highly motivated to work for the local environment, committed to growing good quality native plants and has 18 years experience in the native plant nursery industry on the Gold Coast. We could not have wished for a better result. Steve will continue to operate from our premises and his own nursery site until mid March 2017, when remaining stock will be transferred to Steve’s nursery at Mt Nathan.

The Bushnut’s nursery sales phone number 0448 253 396 will be transferred over to Barbs Trees on Jan16/2017 and our Liz Kane will continue to answer this phone and manage nursery sales for Steve. All emails sent to will automatically be forwarded to . All nursery enquiries received after Jan 16/2017 at will be forwarded to .

We are working with Steve and Liz to ensure that this transition will be seamless, and that our customers will enjoy an easy handover.

Thank you to all of our customers and suppliers for your ongoing support, it has been a great privilege to work with you.

Charlie and Cathy Booth


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