Plastic Free February 2019

Plastic Free February

As environmentalists we despair at the damage we do to the environment with plastics. Some of the  facts that bother us the most include the floating Pacific plastic garbage island 3 times the size of France (1.6 million square kilometres), the continuing build up of micro plastic particles in the ocean that will never break down (estimated plastic in oceans is currently  100 million tons), estimate of over a million deaths by plastic a year of sea creatures. Ninety percent of sea birds have been found to have plastic in their bellies. And the problem is only getting worse: The estimated 19 billion pounds of plastic that ends up in the ocean every year is expected to double by 2025. But it was a picture I saw recently that pushed me to be more proactive.  Seeing the carcass of a pelican, just  stuffed to actual death with plastic meant we could no longer just cruise along doing a little here and there and giving up easily “cause it’s just the way it is”.

So Feb 2019 we will be Plastic Free at home, and start a concerted effort to be Plastic Free as much as possible at Bushnuts.

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